• entrepreneur training

  • leadership training for entrepreneurs

  • founder coaching


  • Success Metrics for FOUNDER Excellence

  • Practical and Pragmatic Insights for FOUNDER Excellence

  • Easy-to-use Highly Engaging, Practical and Interactive Tips and Tools with Real-life Hands-on Application

  • Discover what it would mean to have your whole team with the Eye of the Owner

  • How to run your team with the understanding the Locus of Control and Influence

  • Find out the Essential Characteristics of team success

  • Identify how to give and receive feedback to improve performance with elegance

  •  How to delegate correctly and get beyond your trust issues and perfectionism disease

  • Evaluate what influences yours and others behaviour

  • Be aware of your communication style and the impact it has on the team

  • Develop and expand to the full breadth of behaviour to get results

  • Master the various languages of team excellence | How to read others easily and effortlessly | What is your Language? | Understand the language of others

  • Learn tips to help you get things done efficiently and effectively

  • Identifying your past experience | current challenges | your expectations | your personal learning objectives

  • Utilise Emotional Intelligence for Success | Measuring your Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills

  • Determine your 7 Sources of Power and Authority

  • Linking your success to self-management and self-leadership

  • The importance of consistency as a leader

  • Working under pressure and what happens to our communication when we get stressed

  • Communicating with Impact | Determine your 4 sources of Communication Success (Active Listening, Self Assertion, Ease of Expression and Flexibility/Diplomacy)

  • Communication Psychology | What causes one reaction in one person and a completely different reaction in another? | What influences a person’s behaviour? | Why is most behaviour predictable? | What part does perception play?

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